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Standard search
To perform a search for an item on staticICE, simply type in your search words and press 'enter' (or click on the Go button). staticICE only returns items that contain all your search words.

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All prices are GST inclusive
For a fair comparison, all prices displayed on the staticICE search results are inclusive of GST. Where the retailer has not applied GST to their pricing, staticICE automatically applies the GST rate (currently 10% in Australia) to the price and shows the GST inclusive price in our search results.
Only 500 items are returned
Due to the nature of our service, which is to assist you in finding the lowest price for an item, only the first 500 links (sorted by price followed by update time) are returned for each search. This will reduce the load on our servers and deliver a more efficient service to our users.

If you do not find the product that you are after, try using our advanced search page to refine your search results.
Case insensitive
The searches performed on staticICE are not case sensitive. That is, it does not matter whether you use lowercase, uppercase or mixed case. The same results will be returned as long as the search words are the same.
Refining the search results
Selecting your search words carefully is important to yield the most relevant results. You can easily refine the search results by either specifying additional words or specifying words which should be excluded from the search results. Here are some search tips to try:
  • Only the item's model. e.g. tf700
  • Word exclusion. e.g. asus transformer -adapter
  • The item's model and/or the item's manufacturer. e.g. asus infinity tf700
  • Some technical aspects of the item. e.g. tablet tf700 asus
Advanced search
The purpose of the advanced search feature is to refine the search results for a very specific item. staticICE offers a suite of meta tags which are interpreted in a special way. These meta tags are also available in the standard search box.

For example, site: is a special meta tag and the query "wireless site:computer" will not perform a normal search but will return items containing the word wireless from retailers that have "computer" in their domain name.

Supported meta tags:
  • Phrases: "quoted words"
    To search for exact phrases, enclose your search words in a pair of quotes. This ensures that the search is performed to exactly how you have specified.

    Example: To search for items with the exact phrase "asus transformer", search for: "asus transformer"

  • Search Exclusion: - prefix
    To exclude certain words or phrases from the search results, simply prefix your search word (or phrase) with a hyphen. Make sure there is a space before the hyphen character (except when the hyphen character is the first keyword in the search box). Do not place spaces after the hyphen.

    Example: To search for GTX 680 cards excluding back plate, search for: gtx 680 -backplate

  • Site Restriction: site:
    To restrict your search to specific retailers, staticICE allows you to specify keywords using the site: meta tag. The site: meta tag performs a search against the retailers' domain name.

    Multiple sites can be specified by separating each entry with a comma. Make sure there are no spaces between the colon and the comma characters.

    Example: To search for 24 inch LCDs from stores which have comp in their domain name, search for: 24 lcd monitor site:comp

  • State Restriction: state:[act,nsw,nt,qld,sa,tas,vic,wa]
    To restrict your search to retailers from specific states in Australia, simply add state: followed by the state that you are interested in (see above list for allowed values) to your search words.

    Multiple states can be specified by separating each state with a comma. Make sure there are no spaces between the colon and the comma characters.

    Example: To search for DSL routers with gigabit from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, search for: dsl router gigabitstate:nsw,vic,wa,qld

  • Price Range: price:$lower..$upper
    To specify a price range for the item you are searching for, simply specify price:$lower..$upper as part of your search words. Make sure there are no spaces surrounding the : and .. characters. The dollar signs are optional.

    Specifying only the lower boundary will return results that are greater than the minimum price. Specifying only the upper boundary will perform searches that are lower than the maximum price.

    Example 1: To search for digital SLRs between $600 and $1200, search for digital slr price:$600..$1200

    Example 2: To search for digital SLRs greater than $2000, search for digital slr price:2000

    Example 3: To search for digital cameras less than $100, search for digital camera price:..100

  • Links Per Page: links:
    You can change the number of entries listed on each search results page by adding the links: meta tag as part of your search keywords. Make sure there are no spaces before and after the :.

    Example: To display 30 items per page when searching for 256G SSD, search for: 256G SSD links:30

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